The One Year War has ended due to the arrival of an unknown vessel to the Earth Sphere. This ship, now designated ASS-1 has crash-landed on South Atalia Island in the Ogasawara Islands. In order to study the alien technology, the Extra-Over Technological Investigative Institute has been founded under Professor Bian Zoldark.

However, the Earth Sphere is still under threat. While the Principality of Zeon has signed a treaty under Kycilia Zabi, the ousted Ghiren Zabi has escaped with his followers. A considerable number of Zeon forces have refused to cease hostilities. Further, the forces of the Dinosaur Empire and Dr. Hell are becoming more active after Dr. Hell was forced to retreat from Bardos Island.

In order to counter these threats, General Revil has reformed the 13th Autonomous Corps around the MSC-03 White Base II, though currently lacking Amuro Ray who was been assigned to “Newtype Research” (actually having been sequestered due to the government’s mistrust of Newtypes). Also Revil has reached out to the various super robot research institutes in Japan in order to bolster the strength of the 13th Autonomous Corps. Furthermore, he has ordered the creation of a new team to test Mao Industries’ Personal Troopers in order to put them into mass-production.

Super Robot Wars